If SRPL is approved it may cost up to a BILLION DOLLAR$
More to meet the regional requirements!

Setback for Sunrise Powerlink Project Delayed by Federal Ruling Allowing Opponents’ Appeal to Proceed


Attorney for 3 Community and Environmental Groups Sends Legal Notice to Metz; Metz Speaks With East County Magazine

Chevron gives Schwarzenegger another big check, an advocate cries foul (and rightly so!)

Once again sdg&e is ignoring the CPUC decision and trying to sneak things in the SWPL that do not need to be there and are not expressly permitted.
(Read the letter here)

SDG&E says its equipment started 167 fires in 5½ years
(If a private citizen made a statement like that (the headline) they would be in jail so fast and the town would be up in arms ready to lynch them from the nearest powerline! So why is that not happening here?)
Now they want to cover their ass, by making the back county suffer from their greed, instead of maintaining the lines as required by law.
It is probably time to take  the power system back from the corporate hoodlums.


Well our struggle made it into the NY Times

Below is a note from David Hogan who is well informed and up to date on the proceedings with sdg&e,
The map link at the end is worth looking at if you think our fight with protecting the back country is finished, this is another battle that is looming:

San Diego North County communities aren't out of the powerlink hot seat by any stretch of the imagination.  Remember our conclusions up north about how the powerlink was a 500kV “freeway” from the Imperial Valley to the middle of nowhere in Warner Springs (East Central Substation), that the two 230kV lines from there to San Diego were just off-ramps, leaving us with the question of "where's the freeway going?" (and the inevitable answer of "the way it's pointed of course... greater Los Angeles).  Northern folks should take note that the same can be said for the southern route -
The approved "Environmentally Superior Southern Route" would be 500kV from the Imperial Valley to a remote substation in another middle of nowhere near the Japatul Valley east of Alpine, then convert to 230kV from there to Poway. 

As with the northern route there's little doubt that SDG&E plans to extend that energy freeway somewhere and the EIR/EIS is clear that a likely “somewhere” is due north along the Route D Alternative - From Descanso then west of Cuyamaca Peak through remote roadless areas and on to Santa Ysabel and Mesa Grande to SDG&E's old proposed substation near Warner Springs.  From there the EIR/EIS shows a route running west along the Highway 76 corridor through the La Jolla Indian Reservation then north to Riverside.

So north or south, we're all still in this together. 

Map of Expansion from San Felipe to Riverside (you can right click and save map for viewing offline)

 David Hogan


Let's make this a huge event by everyone coming and showing that this
line is not a done deal, we can still defeat this!

The dirty green line (is it Sunrise?)

Supervisor Dianne Jacob roasts Powerlink and officials who voted for it

The fight on Sunrise is NOT over, please stay involved and up to date!
The people in south county are up in arms and getting ready for the fight, they are motivated and are rallying the troops  to prepare for sdg&e's assault of lies and misleading propaganda. The next meeting with sdg&e is listed below, please come and show your support for the south county folks:

Jacumba: 5 to 8 p.m. March 25, Jacumba Highland Senior Center,
44681 Old Highway 80. –A.K.

The News reports stated that there were only a "couple of dozen protesters" at the lakeside meeting.  Don't believe what you read, please dig deeper and look for the truth.
Article about the meeting in Lakeside

We asked what you think about the plans for the Sunrise Powerlink.

Powerlink meeting is met with outrage
The people along the "proposed route" are now upset that sdg&e did not notify them of this possibility that it could come through scaring their land, their land could be seized by imminent domain, that their view shed could be marred forever, they could be exposed to electromagnetic pollution. Could that have all been in the companies plan?

Think Solar, Think Small
An absolutely fabulous article on DG (distributed generation) of electricity,
by Craig D. Rose.
It shows why the utility companies are freaking out about DG.
It basically puts them out of business.

This corporation sdg&e and parent sempra will stop at nothing. Lying and mistruths in hearings with the CPUC and the public, now they are going to sue the home owners they burned out in the 2007 wildfires.
         Link to article 1
           Link to Article 2

Clouds on SDG&E’s Sunny Plans

Letter sent to President Obama by the Sierra Club on the SPL

Channel 10 News interviewed Lakeside residents who expressed outrage upon learning from SDG&E contractors sent to survey the area in late January that 100-foot-tall high-voltage towers are planned for their scenic community: Watch it Now

Watch- Power Struggle on PBS NOW Show

Challenge to Controversial Sunrise Powerlink Energy Project
Brought to California Supreme Court

City offers solar financing
It's time to encourage more of these actions!



From Donna Tinsdale: Here is the Dec 29th brief filed with the 9th Circuit challenging the DOE's National Interest Energy Transmission Corridors. My group, Backcountry Against Dumps, and other interveners are represented by Stephan Volker and Josh Harris. 

The ALJ Proposed Decision is available here
Good News, the proposed decision states the the power line is not needed or necessary and that the environmental impact is too great, so therefore the line is denied.

Is it time to municipalize our power system
and let the people take control?


Now up on YouTube "SDG&E lie to me" YouTube Video or
Use this link to download to your computer

Here is an excerpt from a Roundtable discussion at Stanford U. on Energy.
You will hear quite a shocking statement on the grid and electric cars.
Link- John Bryson CEO of Edison International speaking.

Link to- Complete roundtable discussion, very interesting!

Mileage from megawatts

Is it time for public energy utility? YES!

"It's Official"
Cal Fire report blames SDG&E

Here is a link to the report, it makes for some interesting reading. Download from Union Trb website under Thursday July 10

Power line sent SDG&E warnings before fire began
Utility's new policy requires inspections

The cause of the fire was the 12:23 p.m. short, Gilbert said. “I believe hot particles were created when the lines faulted and came in contact with each other. These hot particles from the power line were created during this fault, . . . becoming wind borne and landing in the light grassy fuels.”

Statement from the CAL Fire expert on cause of Witch Creek Fire

Aguirre says SDG&E lags in meeting renewable source goals,
vows to sue

Aguirre states "SDG&E's effort to fulfill California's mandate that it derive 20 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by the close of 2010 appears incomplete at best, intentionally compromised at worst,''

Coal War: Court Halts Construction of New Coal-Fired Plant

Revisit alternatives to Powerlink says CPUC
Another victory for us and a set back for sdg&e- June 21

Below is a link to the article in the San Diego Reader
that exposes Sempra & SDG&E
Click here for a PDF of article

Will These Keep the Lights On?

Suits over wildfires vs. SDG&E increasing

Proposed power line would impact farms

Sunrise Powerlink poses dangerous fire threat, Jacob tells PUC

Renewables' a magic word to sell public on Powerlink 
The above article exposing SDG&E's and sempra's plans made in 2004 to sell the powerline under the guise of "Renewables", which they are doing now while using millions of rate payers dollars to finance their lies.
"If they keep repeating it enough times they think we will believe it".


Transcribed text of Aguirre's Statement before the CPUC Commissioners quorum in Borrego Springs on Monday, May 12th:

"The renewables goal of 20% by 2010 should now be seen as an essential minimum. Unfortunately, San Diego Gas & Electric has told the Securities and Exchange Commission, quote "It is unlikely that it will be able to meet the 2010 goal." As San Diego City Attorney, I'm charged with enforcing the city's franchise agreement with SDG&E. That agreement requires the utility to be in compliance with all state laws, including the renewable portfolio standard. So should SDG&E fall out of compliance with California's Renewable Law that failure may well have implications for the utilities franchise agreement.  That's a place I hope we do not have to go. While the debate about transmission projects like Sunrise go through the complex and lengthy considerations they require I urge this commission to remember that power lines are agnostic. They can carry duly fossil fuel generated power as easily as anything else. I urge you to ensure that SDG&E submit a utility scale rooftop Photo Voltaic project of no less than 300 megawatts within 60 days. Thank you for your time."

And a little context . . . 

"At this point, SDG&E is lagging behind the statewide switch to renewable energy, which includes solar, geothermal and wind generation. Despite a state mandate requiring utilities to draw 20 percent of their energy from renewables by 2010, SDG&E is only at 5.5 percent, compared with about 14 percent at Pacific Gas & Electric and 16 percent at Southern California Edison."   SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE April 27, 2008 - Dean Calbreath

Hundreds pack meetings on proposed Powerlink

Governor touts Sunrise, gets Sempra cash

Why does SDG&E continue to say they need the SPL to move renewables from Imperial county when under oath and testifying before the CPUC they stated that the SPL is NOT needed to move this power from the desert to San Diego. That existing lines are capable of doing the job. On top of that the Imperial County district told the CPUC during hearings that if the SPL is built it could isolate a line they built to distribute green power.

Listen to the Sierra Clubs Details Opposition to Proposed Sunrise Powerlink

Another piece of the puzzle: Sempra eyes cross-border power line

The draft report is online at The argument against: Region should not rely on imported power Power to the People. SDG&E blamed for fires!
sdg&e has been lacking in maintenance and spending the money promoting the SPL?

Here is the visual proof counteracting some of the propaganda sdg&e is spouting.
I just love how much money and bullsh*t sdg&e is putting out their trying so hard to make them selves look good, when all we need to do is keep showing what is going on behind the curtain.

The math works for Photovoltaics in San Diego and elsewhere!SDG&E states 2,000 MW of photovoltaics (PV) would cost $21 billion. Actual total in 2007 dollars for commercial PV would be in $18 billion range at $7 per installed DC watt. Federal tax credit for commercial PV reduces capital cost by 30% to $12.5 billion. Accelerated tax depreciation for PV reduces the after tax credit net capital cost by 28% to $9 billion. Annual cost on $9 billion capital investment at 5%, 30-year term is $585 million per year. Total PV energy produced is 3.9 billion kW-hr (at 1.5 kW-hr per year per DC watt). Average cost of PV electricity is $0.15/kW-hr. Typical SDG&E customer energy charge in 2007 is $0.16 to $0.17/kW-hr.

"sdg&e could alter Powerlink plan/ Company might consider underground line in valley"
This link is a headline from the Union Tribune. One more example of the lies sdg&e continues to use. I was in many meeting where the experts from sdg&e stated that there was NO WAY they would underground the lines in this area. Now that they are losing they want to make a concession.  09/08/2007 "sdg&e scolded over use of alerts/Blackout warnings weren't authorized"
Link to more lies and exaggerations from them. When are they going to learn, they get caught all the time stretching and twisting the truth to make it fit their needs and wants.  09/08/2007 "sdg&e Fights Ruling Delaying Powerlink"

What follows is from the above linked article
The reason for the delay is due to a change in testimony by San Diego Gas & Electric on three key issues, according to the CPUC.
The first is SDG&E's desire to expand the project in the future, most likely to the greater Los Angeles area. The CPUC also said SDG&E recently disclosed the need for a major new substation to interconnect the Sunrise Powerlink with wind power. Also, the CPUC said SDG&E now claims renewable facilities would not be developed in the Imperial Valley without the Powerlink, a change from their previous position and testimony.
"Sunrise Powerlink hearings postponed. 7-19-07A concession by San Diego Gas & Electric that it made “significant” errors in estimating the economic benefits of its proposed Sunrise Powerlink project led an administrative law judge yesterday to postpone further hearings into the proposal. From an online article in the SD Union Trib
"Quote of the day" or From the horse's mouth. 7-11-07Asked by PUC administrative law judge Steven Weissman, who is overseeing the three weeks of hearings into Sunrise Powerlink.
Judge Weissman pressed on, asking Avery if it was “feasible” for SDG&E to meet the state's requirement for renewable energy without building the power line.

Avery (SDG&E Vice Pres) answered that “technically speaking,” SDG&E could meet the requirement without Sunrise"...
From an online article in the SD Union Trib
 Powerlink's supply called into question

"Electricity would be less expensive for area ratepayers if San Diego Gas & Electric Co. chose to rely on new natural-gas-fired power plants in metro San Diego rather than build a power line through the backcountry..." Quote from article by Dave Dowey North County Times

SDG&E Lags on Energy Efficiency Goals <Is this a Big Surprise>
How can the SPL project, SDG&E "says is critical to ensure electric reliability for the region" possibly provide this when the line originates at the same Imperial Valley substation as the Southwest Powerlink another existing 500 kV line that supplies San Diego? Seems to me that to ensure reliability the line should originate from elsewhere and act as a totally new source. Having two of the largest transmission lines that supply San Diego coming from one substation seems like a security blunder waiting to happen. Remember that this substation in right on the Mexico border. This scare tactic that SDG&E is using is just one more way the utility is twisting the truth to mislead the public on the need for this unnecessary project, that is intended to benefit not the citizens of San Diego but the parent company SEMPRA.

** View Bill Powers debate Jim Avery about the SPL on Full Focus **
Bill makes a great point- saying that if we modernize our coastal power plants (a plan that SDG&E keeps fighting since they don't own the power plants) this would unload our incoming lines so that they could then be used to carry the renewables created in Imperial county.
Thus making the SPL NOT NECESSARY!!!

NEWS: San Diego Gas & Electric has slashed the estimated savings it says would result from the proposed $1.4 billion Sunrise Powerlink...
SDG&E said it incorrectly estimated that the proposed line would provide an annual benefit of about $447 million. Correcting for its errors, the utility now says, yields an estimated savings of $85 million per year.
(this means an 81% decrease of the original estimate, I wonder how many other things they have miscalculated or misled the public on. It seems to be standard practice for SDG&E throughout this process to deceive and mislead the public and the governing bodies.)

The utility also said in the filing that building modern power plants within the county would be cheaper for meeting regional electricity needs than building the power line.
(yet they still refuse to commit to buy power from a redesigned South Bay Powerplant that they do not own)Above info from an article in the SD Union Tribune, (I really don't think SDG&E would have updated these facts if it had not been for the pressure put on it by the community groups working on this on the behalf of the citizens of San Diego county and beyond. Many Thanks to these groups of concerned citizens who are trying to
get the true facts out about this needless project.

+ + + Please read Myth vs SDG&E's Facts  vs Truth + + +

Question- is the line needed at all?

Duke Energy says they want to upgrade and modernize the South Bay Power plant, but before they do this they need a commitment from SDG&E that they will purchase the power from them. SDG&E will not commit until they find out about Sunrise, because if they did it would undermine their stance about not having enough power output to meet demands. There is also the new power plant on Carlsbad that they can get power from to meet demands. Then there is also the idea of using the $1.5 BILLION DOLLARS the line is to cost to put solar panels on factories and homes in San Diego to generate the needed power.
State Parks Chief Decries Power Line Proposal
It’s been interesting for Sempra Energy. First its CEO said he isn’t convinced that global warming is real and thinks the company should invest more in natural gas than in renewable energy (Could this be because they are the nation's largest natural gas distribution utility?) (link to article).
(Editors Note: If you have questions about global warming,
please see the movie
"An Inconvenient Truth" or check out the website
it is eye opening).